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Linksys AC750 WiFi Extender

04 January 2021

IMG_5019Over the recent holidays, I set up a couple of Ring devices: a doorbell, and a camera overlooking our hard-to-see-from-inside-the-house driveway. Both devices worked generally well, but it often took several tries to connect to a live view of the camera video feed. Both devices showed fairly low WiFi RSSI signal strength numbers, which was not that surprising given that they are outside above ground level, and the wireless router (hooked up to the Internet connection) is in the basement.

So I installed a Linksys AC750 WiFi Extender in the garage. Contrary to some of the Amazon reviews for the AC750, I found the setup process clear and easy to do… for a software engineer! The instructions probably could have more clearly explained some steps for general readers, but nevertheless I have it up and running.

It only boosted the RSSI numbers a little bit (about 5-10), but it was apparently enough to give much better response time on connecting to the camera live views. A solid addition to the home doorbell/camera system! Perhaps Ring should offer their own especially-easy-to-set-up WiFi extender?