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Grain-free Dog Food and Local Shopping

02 May 2016

IMG_8049Visiting the western Chicago suburb of Naperville, I was surprised to see so many people walking around the downtown outdoor shopping area on a chilly, dreary Sunday afternoon. Has not online shopping disrupted in-person shopping nearly to the point of oblivion? Happily not!

We stumbled upon a small pet store with a cordial and well-educated staff. Very unlike when shopping at a certain major chain pet store — which I almost dread going into after repeated inexplicably mediocre customer service — here we learned more details about the reasoning behind grain-free dog food.

“Dogs can’t digest grain very well,” the employee said. “But the grain still as an effect on them. Eating too much grain can result in increased shedding, dry skin, diarrhea, and discharges through their eyes.”

All of the food they sold at the store was grain-free. What about the treats?

“Most of our treats are grain-free also, but a small amount of grain in treat is okay, since treats aren’t the main source of food.”

What about Samantha the border collie’s favorite treat, of fresh made whole wheat biscuits baked with butter? No comment, apparently… But now that we’ve learned, through helpful staff at a locally-owned brick-and-mortar store, the downside to grain in a dog’s diet, Samantha will be eating increasingly grain-free.

[The store does offer online shopping as well.]