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Seagate 2TB Expansion Drive on Mac OS X

29 December 2014

A new Seagate 2TB Expansion Drive which I assumed would work just fine on Mac OS X since it connects with standard USB 2 or USB 3 came in a box with bountiful mentions of backing up your “PC” and notes compatibility with several versions of Microsoft Windows.

How does it work on Mac OS X 10.9.5? I plugged it in and was immediately asked if I wanted to use the drive for Time Machine backups, which I did.

Sharing here in case anyone wonders about OS X compatibility. Some Amazon reviews for the 3TB version complain that the drive doesn’t last very long; so far my 2TB unit has lasted fifteen minutes, but I will try to remember to update this post after more extended use.

[July 2017 Update, two and a half years later: the drive is still working flawlessly.]